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Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Valuation
Medical Insurance Company
Chairman and Executive Board of a $6 billion medical insurance company sought independent advice in a multi-million dollar acquisition as part of their growth strategy.
Solution: Applied structured O&A MAI methodology techniques to support strategic decisions regarding risk, return and valuation. Project scope included:
       Forecasted potential synergies
       Developed a post acquisition transition plan
       Facilitated a process to integrate due diligence and financial valuation presented to the
       Executive Board

Result: O&A recommendations lead to a revised valuation, alternative acquisition strategy and renegotiation of terms.
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Business Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Valuation
Manufacturing Company
Chairman and Executive Board of a $22 billion manufacturing company sought independent advice in a series of multi-billion dollar acquisitions as part of an aggressive growth strategy.
Solution: O&A applied simulation modeling techniques to support strategic decisions regarding risk, return and valuation. Project scope included:
       Determination of strategic fit
       Forecasting pricing, cost, and relative market share
       Financial valuation
       Post acquisition transition planning

Result: O&A recommendations delivered over $1 billion in negotiated savings.
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Business Strategy, Divestiture and Valuation
Technology Manufacturer
Chairman and Executive Board of an international credit card manufacturer sought independent advice in divesting a business to create liquidity for their investors.
Solution: O&A applied business strategy and process improvement methodologies to support:
       Plant-wide operational improvement program
       Corporate valuation
       Business divestiture

Result: O&A facilitated negotiations of business divestiture, which resulted in a successful sale of company at a 25% premium over initial bid.
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Customer Product Rationalization
Fortune 500 Chemical Company
Chemical conglomerate was manufacturing a wide product line ranging from high-margin specialty products to commodities. The company desired to streamline their product offering and improve profitability.
Solution: O&A diagnosed the customer product portfolio and found significant profit improvement opportunities. O&A helped:
       Build an internal CPR decision-making team
       Conduct a detailed analysis of cost allocations for customers and products
       Facilitate the rationalization process and trained the company to implement
        the CPR initiative across multiple business-units

Result: The Company improved profits by over $5 million after implementing the process company-wide.
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Process Improvement
The COO of a major New York university hospital needed advice and support to reengineer business processes during a merger.
Solution: O&A combined process improvement methodology with ideAction workshops™ to build self-managed work teams who redesigned the business processes and implemented the new process designs.
Result: O&A helped to:
       Reduce annual operating costs by 20%
       Cut cycle time in half
       Build an internal process improvement capability

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Profit Improvement / ERP Selection
Technology Manufacturer
Problem: A manufacturer of network optimization equipment sought means to capture a significant opportunity to increase revenues and reduce costs by expanding their software and hardware services to their largest clients including AT&T and Sprint.
Solution: O&A analyzed current business practices and processes and recommended a technology solution to recognize the business benefits.
Results: O&A helped to:
       Identify a $10 million business case
       Select optimal ERP software
       Facilitate ERP decision/implementation team

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New Business Venture
Sporting Goods Marketing Company: Land Roller Inc.
The inventor of a patented sports technology needed capital and management support to complete product development and to create a corporate structure to launch the business.
Solution: O&A developed a financial business plan and built a pro-forma simulation tool to test multiple launch scenarios. Assumed interim role as President/COO through the first two phases of business development.
Result: O&A helped the company to:
       Formulate business strategy
       Complete production prototype that reduced mass by 50%
       Set up manufacturing agreements with key suppliers
       Complete first round of funding which raised $500K

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IdeAction Workshop
Battery Manufacturer
A global leader in energy storage and battery technology was faced with the challenge of building a management team of senior executives from over twenty countries who had never met before and who lacked a clear shared vision, set of values and mission to succeed.
Solution: O&A facilitated the development of a corporate vision and mission statement. IdeAction Workshops™ held in the United States, Spain, Italy and Germany brought senior executives from all over the world together for the first time and permitted the creation of a shared vision for the firm. To ensure that employees accepted the vision, hundreds of middle managers were included in the process and given the opportunity to contribute to the vision, mission and statement of values.
Result: The corporate vision and mission statement were communicated globally throughout the company and are showcased in the company's annual report.
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